Hello everyone,

This is Savannah here with another medical update. My surgeon has deemed I am still unable to return to work, but I am able to sit up long enough to resume writing scripts.

This means a few things; first, Patreon donors can expect some script uploads this month, and hopefully a few completed pages. The Patreon has been the only thing keeping the server alive, as I’ve been without income for some time now, and my medication is almost $300 a shot after benefits, which adds up fast. So thank you guys for keeping this project up while I’ve been putting the pieces of my life back together. I will never, ever be able to thank you enough for your support.

It’s hard to judge how many pages we’ll be able to produce a month until I am able to return to work, my goal currently is to focus on providing scripts to the Patreon in advance, and upload pages both here and on Patreon as they are finished, until we are back at normal rates; then Patreon will have access to the buffer in advance of publication once more.

I will keep you up to date as much as possible while things progress.

In other news, last week my first commissioned D&D 5e adventure went up for sale! I wrote it last year before my health crashed but actually had to finish it while in the hospital, so it was very close timing. I must have impressed them though, as I will be taking on a new role at Baldman Games as a trilogy lead! If you are interested in checking out my first adventure, Army of the Unseen, you can do so here! It is set in the Forgotten Realms Moonshae Isles, and is a good bit of spooky fun!

I will hopefully be back soon with new pages and updates. Thank you again for sticking with us through this really rough time. I really do pray it is coming to an end.

Love and best wishes,