Medical Update as of 06/28/2019

Hello everyone,

Medical update for anyone following my nightmare. I saw the surgeon on Monday, and he has decided to keep me on medication for two more weeks, and then two weeks off. At that point, we will have a discussion about the most major surgery I will have to date. Apparently, it’s time to start removing and reorganizing organs to a further extent, as the medications are failing me. Realistically this month is more for Andrew and me to have discussions about quality of life, etc. From that month point, it will take him at least 2-3 months to book the operating room for the length of time he will require. So it’s still a ways off and I will have to survive the pain until then. This will obviously have risks, but will hopefully be a permanent fix to my ailments.

I can be honest and say the whole thing has me pretty terrified, and the crushing sense of despair is overwhelming.

I have preloaded the next four pages, so they will post on time, but will just have this same update posted. I apologize for the continued delays. It has been weighing heavily on me that the story cannot progress at the rate I intended.

I’ve had a few requests about inquiries to assist with financial strain/medical costs caused by my condition. The Patreon is it’s own entity designed specifically for production costs. It was recommended that I try Ko-fi, so I have set one up specifically for assisting with my medical related expenses, and expenses I am struggling with while unable to work, such as rent, etc. Feel free to donate if you wish, but please know I am surviving, mostly. So it isn’t dire.

Andrew and I will be at Gencon this year. It is likely the only convention we will manage until next year, due to my health. As is, I will be unable to assist with the drive as I will be heavily medicated to withstand the pain, and we just can’t plan for another until this situation improves. We will be DMing for Baldman Games, and can also be found at the Mythmakers booth in Author’s Avenue.

I think that’s all the news I have for now, but will edit onto next week if anything more comes up.