Hello everyone,

(Sorry for the late page, it’s been another crazy week!)

An update on where we are: We successfully managed to raise enough funds to fulfill last month’s production of eight pages. We still are short $400 towards this month’s  10 pages. We are almost in the homestretch! For context on what the heck I’m talking about, please review the below post.

Thank you all for all of the outstanding support we have received so far!

Repeat of News:

Andrew and I received some pretty heavy news this weekend. He has unexpectedly been let go without notice and for no cause. This is horrible timing as our wedding is next month, and I’m struggling with how I can possibly carry the costs of the comic in addition to our living and wedding expenses, especially since my health has been pretty unreliable this year. The production for chapter six is locked into this month and next as Rebecca is only available until September 30th.

I really do not want this to become an untimely end to the series, so I’m asking for a bit of help. If there is any chance you can kick in a dollar or two to the patreon, or make a one time donation through our donation page, I would be eternally thankful. We were slated to complete 8 pages this month ($600 in production costs) and 10 next month ($750 in production costs).

The only compensation I can really offer is that if we are able to reach this month’s goal (We are REALLY hoping Andrew has a job by next month, so I am trying not to worry about that yet) I will post two pages a week for four weeks.

Thank you for your time and consideration. <3